FunTree - DIY Felt Christmas Tree

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The Most Fun And Interactive Christmas Tree On The Market

Elevate Christmas this season with one of customer favorites, the FunTree. Skip the hassle of cleaning up from a live tree, while making the decorating more fun for the kids.  
The FunTree is very simple and fun to decorate with up to 32 different ornaments you can place however you like. It's designed to be lightweight and easy to move so you can move it many times during the holiday!
Each year 120 million trees gets cut down each year for the holiday, which isn't great for our environment. Instead of getting a new tree every year, you can pick a forever lasting Christmas tree. 

Key Benefits


With most Christmas trees it's very hard for the kids to reach and safely place ornaments however they like, but with FunTree the whole family can explore their creativity. 

Child Safe 

Due to it's soft material and simple style, you don't have to worry about the kids getting hurt or the tree getting damaged.

Hand-picked ornaments

With their simple design the ornaments may seem plain, and less beautiful than the normal orbs, but that's not the case. The ornaments have been carefully selected and designed so you can get that amazing Christmas feeling!


The FunTree is designed to be very durable, so you can reuse it every year. Simply roll it up and store somewhere safe.