TubChop - 4 In 1 Handheld Electric Vegetable Cutter Set

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Get Your Ingredients Prepped And Ready In A Flash!

All you need is one tool to alice and chop all your veggies! The TubChop is your go-to vegetable slicer that eliminates all the excess effort and mess that a knife and chopping board would cause.

The TubChop is fitted with a powerful motor and a sharp blade that slices through veggies without a hassle. It can also be used to peel and serve veggies, or even brush away dirt from your kitchen equipment.

Key Benefits

4-in-1 Design - This handy TubChop is an electric veggie slicer that's filled with a bunch of additional utilities. The TubChop comes with its own brush for cleaning equipment, a serving spoon, and a useful peeler.


Food Grade - Be worry free when using the TubChop on your ingredients. It's made with safe food grade materials that won't negatively affect your health.

Easy To Use - Our premium TubChop comes with a large filling hole so that you can drop in veggies with ease. Simply press on the button to power it up and your veggies will come out sliced within seconds.

Wireless And Rechargeable - The TubChop boasts a rechargeable battery that can last for hours after every full charge. This slicer is also easy to maneuver since there aren't any wires holding it down.