GlowGloves - LED gloves

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Keep doing activities even in the dark

Winter is fast approaching and the days get darker. GlowGloves will be your helping hand in the dark. Keep doing activities like it's daylight, with their slick design you won't even notice them on your hand.

Managing things in the dark can be a hassle, from fixing stuff in dark places, outdoor activities or during power outlets. Quickly put on the GlowGloves and turn them on and get an instant light source from the tip of your fingers.

Key Benefits

Water Proof - Don't be afraid to get your gloves wet. GlowGloves are fully waterproof so you can use them in any situation or weather condition.

Slick Design - GlowGloves are design to take up as little space on your hand as possible to allow full maneuverability and control. 

Battery Powered - The gloves are battery powered so you don't have to worry about charging. With a long lasting battery time and easy replacement you will never feel abandoned by them.

Easy To Wear - GlowGloves are designed so you can just slide them on, and strap them around your wrist to fully secure them around your hand.


Size - Made from strechy cotton. Fits all hand sizes.

Battery - CR2016 Button Battery (2 Needed)