BubbleBlaster - Gattling Bubble Machine

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Make the coolest bubble shows ever

Looking for a cool toy to bring to the park? Arm yourself with the best bubble blower on the market and enjoy the soapy magical scenes it creates with just one salvo!

BubbleBlaster is totally badass, it looks just like a gatling gun and shoots like one. Even kids can wield it safely and have fun firing endless streams of colorful bubbles!

If you have small children you know how much they love popping bubbles, create unforgettable memories for every birthday, holiday or simply on the next trip to the park with BubbleBlaster!

Why BubbleBlaster is for you

Never-ending fun - Do your kids love chasing bubbles around, fill the scene with hundreds of colorful bubbles ready to be popped!

Spread the excitement - Create an unforgettable bubble show for all the kids in the park, fire a whole bubble salvo with a simple push!

Armed to the teeth - Bring out the big guns, BubbleBlaster will outmatch with ease all the other bubble blowers out there!

BubbleBlaster is the ultimate choice - Get ready for an awesome day in the park, load up your BubbleBlaster and make the bubbles rain!