AquaLense - Fishing Sunglasses

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The fisherman’s choice of eyewear

Don’t let the glaring sun obstruct your vision any longer! Use AquaLense to keep your vision sharp under the shining sun and dark clouds while you fish for the big catch!

The special lenses adjust depending on the brightness, to keep your sight clear when it gets bright or gloomy. AquaLense works for every dynamic outdoor activity!

Finding the best spot to fish isn’t a matter of luck anymore! AquaLense reveals what’s hiding in the shallow waters, so nothing can stop you from catching all the best game around!

Why AquaLense is for you

Find all the game- Give yourself an unfair advantage when fishing, see right through the shallow waters to easily fish with precision.

Sharpen your senses- Reveal what the other sunglasses hide from your sight, keep your vision steady in the sunniest or cloudiest of days!

The perfect shade- Enjoy the sunny day without the glare getting in your way, clear your vision of any obstructions the sun creates!

AquaLense is the ultimate choice- Keep a steady eye on the game all day long, sharpen your sight to reveal everything the sun and water hide!