AutoVac - Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Keep Your Car Looking Like It's Brand New Each Time!

Effortlessly clear away dust and dirt from your car's interior by powering up the AutoVac. Our premium AutoVac is fitted with a powerful motor that picks up dirt and grime with ease.

AutoVac is the perfect car companion around winter, when you car gets filled with dirt, rocks and other unpleasant elements.

With its compact and handheld design, the AutoVac is easy to maneuver throughout your vehicle. Plus, the AutoVac comes with multiple nozzles to make cleaning corners and crevaces so much easier.

Key Benefits

High Power - The AutoVac is set to suck up dust and dirt in an instant, leaving your car's interior in pristine condition. This way, your vehicle retains its quality for a longer period of time.

Cordless Design - There's no longer a need to worry about annoying wires when cleaning your vehicle. The AutoVac is easier to handle due to its lightweight and compact design.

Washable Filter - Experience hassle-free cleaning each time with the AutoVac. Its washable filter is more economical than the usual vacuum cleaner since you won't have to keep replacing the filter after every cleaning session.

Rechargeable Design - With one full charge, the AutoVac is capable of cleaning your whole vehicle. Simply charge it back up once battery levels run low.