Chickchi-Chicken Yard Art

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Transform your lawn from plain to perfect

Want to freshen up your lawn’s look without gardening or shoveling? Then invite our cute flock of chickens into your yard and watch how the whole scene fills with life!

Each of Chickchi are different in their own unique way. They are staked easily and don’t require protection from bad weather. On top of all, they go well with everything!

If you want to catch the attention of the neighbors without overdoing it Chickchi is the best choice! Let’s make your garden, yard or lawn stand out in the most cutest way possible!

Why Chickchi are for you

Fill the yard with life- Bring a lively decor to your lonely yard and watch how the gloomy field transforms in an instant!

Permanent guests- Once you stake them to the ground you have nothing to fear from the harsh weather! Nothing will scare the chicks away!

Outclass the competition- Outdo your neighbors with a unique decor only you will have! The neighborhood has a new favorite yard!

Chickchi are the ultimate choice- Spread your cute flock around the lawn to bring a unique and creative look around your property!