Greenway - Faux Privacy Fence

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Harmonize your home’s aesthetics

Two things are often missing in a garden, privacy, and beauty. Create a comforting setting for your outdoor surroundings without sacrificing the beauty of the scenery around you!

GreenWay’s lifelike feel brings the real look of nature to your fence without needing to maintain it. It expands and contracts easily, giving you ample ways of decorating your space!

GreenWay not only looks real but brings a real sense of privacy to your open properly. Bring yourself closer to nature and away from unwanted attention, style your home with GreenWay!

GreenWay is the ultimate choice

Live in harmony - Enjoy some privacy when relaxing around the garden, easily put up a beautiful barrier between you and the stranger’s eyes!

Timeless greenery - Surround yourself with nature, give the plain face a lovely new look which will keep it’s vividness through the years!

Enjoy the view - Create a pleasing aesthetic without complicating your life, set up beautiful scenery everywhere you wish in a breeze!

GreenWay is the ultimate choice - Give your home the privacy and beauty it deserves, use GreenWay to create the perfect barrier between you and the world!

Size - 0.5x1m