PlayTreat - Interactive treat toy

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Get your pet a toy that is rewarding and healthy

This toy comes with multiple benefits. It trains their brain when trying to get the treat - while also cleaning their teeth in the process

PlayTreat comes in handy when you don’t have time to give your pet the attention it wants, either while you're busy or not at home. Fill up the ball so your pet can get slow releasing treats while they play with themselves

Key Benefits

Mental stimulation - These pet food & pet treats dispensing toys keeps pets mentally and physically stimulated while they play

Safe & smart design - Our ball is made from non toxic rubber which is perfectly safe. It also helps clean your pets teeth while they chew. They are also bite resistant so you don’t have to worry about the ball getting damaged

Slow feeding - Instead of using slow feeding balls and other accessories you can keep your dog active while they eat. It also encourages slow eating exactly like the bowls and other slow eating accessories

Easy to clean - Rinse the ball of with water after your pet is done so they can have a fresh and clean ball next time they play