Tetlight - LED Tetris Game

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The ultimate 80s timepiece

Tetlight allows you to build your custom light from Tetris blocks in various colors. Bring the most iconic game from the 80s back as a tasteful décor to your empty room!

As the pieces touch, they start to illuminate in different colors, giving you tons of options to decorate the scene in awesome ways! With more pieces come more building possibilities!

The décor never loses its freshness, rearrange it with a new look every day to set a different vibe for every occasion. Tetlight brings you back in time when the world was brighter!

Tetlight is the ultimate choice

Build your light source - Each peace illuminates as it touches the others, helping you build the endless variants of decorative lighting!

Straight out of the 80s - Set the retro vibes out as soon as you unpack it! Tetlight brings you back in time when Tetris was a hit!

Never the same - There are no limitations when building the real world! Build your Tetris tower higher than in any game!

Tetlight is the ultimate choice - Endless ways to bring a colorful décor await to be built. Stack your Tetris tower and bring the vibes of the 80s into your home!