WireWay - Multi-Functional Wire Clamps

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Tidy up the loose cables in your home

Are you tired of the loose cables going around every which way around the desk and floors? With WireWay you can easily put them in order no matter how many or where they are going!  

Stick the clampers onto any surface to create an organized path for the loose cables. Once you are done you can say goodbye to the annoying entanglements and the dangerous tripwires!

Setting them up takes seconds but the convenience lasts forever! If tidying your cables gets overwhelming then leave it to WireWay properly organize your workspace!

Why WireWay is for you

Create the way - Don’t let the cables cause you further trouble, create a path for all of them to organize your working space with ease!

Instant installation - Peel, the cover and stick them to the surface. That’s all it takes to create a lasting solution for the messy cables!

No more tangles - When the cables go through a destined path there no chance of messes, violent pulls or entanglements.

WireWay is the ultimate choice - Making a lasting solution for the messy cables takes a minute to set up and forever to enjoy.

Comes in packets of 20pcs